Dog let out:

When I arrive I will check that everything is secure, greet your dog and let them out to toilet. Any little accidents will be cleaned up, i’ll fill the bowl with fresh water and have some playtime or just cuddles, lots and lots of cuddles! Before I leave I will let your dog have another toilet visit and make sure that they are settled and comfortable.

Prices for dog walking

30 min and 1 hr walk :

I will put on your dogs collar/harness and lead and off we go! Your dog will be walked solo, so its just me and them for the 30 mins or 1hr as requested. Any muddy paws and wet coats with have a good rub down with a towel. If your dog has an ‘after walk treat’ then I will give them one and fill up the water bowl with fresh water before I leave.

£6.00 –  dog let out           £6.00 –  30 min walk          £10.00 -1hr walk

  • One off walks, Occasional or Regular Walks
  • ​​​Set times of day, days of week, days of the year for people on shift patterns and night work
  • Map of distance covered if required
  • ​​Short walks for dogs who need special care
  • Off the lead walks ONLY if you specify (only in safe circumstances)
  • Walks in familiar areas
  • Gentle​ walks or let-outs for those who are elderly, infirm or recovering from illness.
  • Individual Walks only
  • Special care for timid or emotionally affected dogs
  • ​Walks from your​ home